Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, May 25, 2012

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Present for Memorial Day: Two Birds One Stone.... U.S. Trustee FOIA Demands as Exempt No-Fee Journalist and Mass DEP 525 Beach Street 21E EPA Response.

Dear Attorney McLeod: As noted in my Sunday, 20 May 2012 Mortgage Movies Journal entry and per our telephone conversation, I have provided you a draft copy of my Federal FOIA lawsuit and just four (4) of approximately eighty (80) Mortgage-related movies I have made since I launched that past approximately fifteen (15) months ago. Note the following, with no paid advertising or promoted videos whatsoever:

Mortgage Movies (15 mos).
33,000 journal page views.
33,000 youtube video views.

KingCast/Chris King's First Amendment Page
410 subscribers
360,000 page views (data only available 2 years)
390,000 video views

As you can clearly see I have been addressing salient legal issues with camera in hand, and with the knowledge bases in my background that include assistant attorney general, licensed title insurance producer, land use zoning manager, notary and former editor and writer in mainstream press. If I am not an exempt journalist under FOIA then nobody is. In the top movie at the link above you can clearly see that I was reporting on the Sand Canyon fraudulent/non existent mortgage assignment that Judge Joseph LaPlante recognized in denying Wells Fargo Summary Judgment last week. As to why Judge Paul Barbadoro refused to see that issue last year I cannot say but that's just the way he votes, historically pro-bank and pro-law enforcement almost every time. Yes I have studied that, would you like the statistics or is that necessary as well? I thank you in advance for your reconsideration of the initial denial.
Dear Mr. Johnson, as referenced per our discussion last week herein please find copies of the signatures of the property owners on the fraudulent Zoning application. Again, said successful application (in December, 2011) willfully and intentionally omitted the FACT that the owners, the developers and City Council Ira Novoselsky were all aware of actual contamination in May/June, 2011 yet no one informed Site Plan Review or Zoning until I started asking questions with a camera. The law as noted in this journal postincluding your own 2012 cited case of In re Knott, Docket No. 2011-011, PAN-NE-11-3R001 ($10,787.00 fine for failure to report TCE, affirmed) is crystal clear: The owners and developers were working in tandem, exercising full joint and several control over the subject property. I look forward to a timely written response to the Complaint filed by abutter Clifford Pisano and me now that the Complaint is complete. We have done all of your agency's homework for you and put it right on your plate.

To all: Enjoy the Holiday weekend, and remember that our Veterans fought and died, allegedly to preserve the Rights that I enjoy daily on my journal pages and on my YouTube channel, regardless of who likes what I have to say. That my friends, is the moral of the story.

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