Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KingCast New Movie Coming for Case Western Reserve Faculty and Alumni Association: Judge John J. McConnell Ignored Salient Facts Against Fellow Alum Christopher King to Shield Senator Kelly Ayotte, Nashua GOP and Nashua PD in Free Press Racial Case, 2010-CV-501.

19 June 2010 update: Motion for Rule 59E Relief summarily denied (read all of the dirt right here). Still waiting for the actual written Order; this is the sort of Entry that appeared initially when I made Judge Landya B. McCafferty recuse herself until I started blogging about it. Read this from my comment on the Nashua PD Mike Gannon video showing Nashua PD cop hiding his badge while Hillsborough Court Officers assault Mr. Gannon, stuck at 437 hits all day in its second day of publication: 
still 437, odd, i feel like i watched it, perhaps i'm mistaken markusmuley 40 minutes ago 
Maybe you didn't watch it, perhaps you have lived it as well & just thought you watched it Meanwhile go to my journal page and read my Motion for Rule 59E Relief that Judge McConnell slammed in 3 days so the Defendants did not have to even issue a response. Note how what the Court wrote that I complained of bore no verisimilitude to what I actually wrote in my Complaint. Look for a video at Case Western Reserve law school alumni ass'n I don't care we went to the same law school he covered up.
I will file my Notice of Appeal in timely fashion and continue on to see how the next court treats this matter. They also try to downplay me i.e. "pro se Plaintiff" because they hate pro se people because we have the nerve to call it like it is. As if I haven't made it past Summary Judgment and to settlement or trial on numerous occasion in Federal Court on behalf of my clients. Belcher v. ODHS 48 F. Supp 2nd 429 (1999) is just one of more than a dozen.

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