Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, June 17, 2012

NH Prosecutors Kelly Ayotte & Mike Delaney worse than Mike Nifong in Charles Glenn murder Trial.

A Jury of his peers (well, not exactly, the Jury was all white) actually rewarded the State's prosecutorial malfeasance by serving up a robotic guilty verdict in less than one full day. Apparently a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich and make a Jury eat it as well. They tried to pull that crap on me as NAACP Legal Chair with bogus criminal charges but I gave them all a Smack Down. At any rate, how you reach a conclusion on a murder trial with so much contradictory evidence in one day is beyond me. But the one day rule is strong in New Hampshire. Senator Kelly Ayotte (then AG) cleared multiple felon Greg Floyd of wrongdoing in the Franconia shooting tragedy in less than 24 hours as well, nice.

This whole thing started under now Senator Kelly Ayotte and continues through Mike Delaney. As to Kelly Ayotte let me show you my Free Press racial lawsuit against her and the GOP and Nashua PD, KingCast v. Ayotte et al. 2010-CV-501. As you will see, politicos like her get special treatment from the Courts every day so I have to go toward SCOTUS to expose it all. On top is Mr. Glenn in discussion with Attorney David Ruoff, and below that is Attorney Mark Howard holding up a copy of Joe Salvatore's gun permit application -- an application that NH AG Mike Delaney and Co. never provided in the first trial as exculpatory evidence. This is a bizarre case, with the State's only eyeball witness to the alleged murder not being allowed to testify because of repeated Perjury. Exculpatory evidence about Joe Salvatore and his possible role as Leonard Gosselin's murderer, including his propensity to unlawfully fire and to carry the same caliber gun as was used in this case was withheld. The State also made their expert witness run the bullet back through forensics without the rifling marks in an attempt to prove that the fatal slug could have come from a revolver -- five years after he already testified to the contrary, Under Oath. 

Prosecutorial misconduct: The NH Supreme Court kinda of addressed it, kind of whitewashed it. Here's some back story.

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