Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NH State Reps help Michael Holman as NH and CT family courts continue to deny him due process regarding custody and visitation of his children and a dangerous, drug-addict mother.

His children were removed with 8 squad cars arriving at a luxurious private residence in Sequim, Washington........ and given back to a drug-addicted mother. 

Now they are Unconstitutionally denying his right to put a Motion for Children's Attorney on the docket, read the thumbnail Notice he filed. When he inquires of Attorney Haskell she tries to make him into a threatening black man, stop me where have I seen this game before.... It is a World gone mad folks, and I will be making another video visit soon.

Read State Rep Norman Tregenza's inquiry to Attorney Haskell here and his Petition to Redress Committee below the fold. Check here for a bit about Michael Holman, a black man whose white ex-wife is a known druggie who let their son ride a bicycle without a helmet, leading to a concussion and coma. This of course was after NH LE raided Mr. Holman's Seattle area home and stole his children from him without any reason. Subsequently, courts and LE and all of the agencies have also covered up a recent drug raid at the home, nice. Here is my interview with Mr. Holman that dovetails with the video hosted by State Rep Kevin Avard. I covered the related matter when the State House Redress & Grievances Committee called a press conference against the protectionist rantings of NH AG Mike Delaney, who instructs his Children's Services client not to answer any questions set forth by the Committee. He also is currently embroiled in a prosecutorial misconduct issue in the Charles Glenn case watch the video there. As a former LE attorney I have to blanch.
Below the fold:

P. O. Box 146 Silver Lake, N.H. 03875 May 22, 2012 
The Honorable Paul Ingbretson, Chairman Redress of Grievances Committee 
NH House of Representatives 33 North State St., Rm. 104, 
LOB Concord, NH 03301 

 Dear Rep. Ingbretson, The following sequence of events occurred in Madison, Carroll County, New Hampshire. Mr. Michael Holman, now of Connecticut State, has three sons.
In 2006-2008 he resided in Washington State, and in 2008-2010 California and now Connecticut. At the time of the incidents (2006-7) his sons were ages 5 (Ryan, 2000), 3 (Justin, 2002), and 2 (Christian, 2004). The mother of the boys during this time is addicted to heroin. Two boys, Ryan and possibly Christian, were sexually abused by their mother’s other sons and other family members. Their half-brothers, age 14/15, at the time were in constant trouble before Carroll County Judge Pam Albee. 

She dismissed charges against the half brothers of burglary, home invasion, drug possession and assault, among others. No prosecution was brought against these boys, deliberately. Mr. Holman attempted to report the abuse to Madison Police Chief Pickering in 2006. Chief Pickering directed him to local law enforcement, which at the time was Clallam County, Washington Sheriff’’s Department. Mr. Holman then reported the crimes and danger to his children to Police/Sheriffs/Courts/CPS/DCYF in Washington.  He filed for a Protective Order in 2006, and it was granted in Washington State. Madison Police Chief Pickering sought a Habeas Corpus with assistance from Judge Pam Albee, Albee/Washington Chapter/National Association for missing and exploited children. Mr. Holman was told and Clallam shows Albee giving anyone power to take children/place in foster care. 

The children were removed with 8 squad cars arriving at a luxurious private residence in Sequim, Washington. Clallam CPS defers to New Hampshire Courts for rights and visitation. Visitation to the children was denied by the Clallam CPS. Mr. Holman was then told by HHS office to “go back to New Hampshire to see kids.” A Freedom of Information Act request was filed to Ann Rice of NHDOJ and to the Madison PD and both come back empty handed, except for a cover page of a 9-page fax to Clallam Sheriffs, 2010 and 2011. The A.G. directed that records be expunged and that he be denied any documentation on this case. Albee covers up major drug bust in 2007 by son’s half brother. Oldest son Ryan (at age 8) was in a coma in 2008 due to physical neglect by mother. 

In 2009, a stabbing occurred by half -brother upon a stranger. Brother is serving 4 years in prison. Mr. Holman was being denied facts about these incidents by NHDOJ and by Meriden Courthouse, Connecticut where mother’s sister worked for over a decade. Ryan was brain damaged by coma. The children were living in a dangerous environment. They were taking steps to hide that from Mr. Holman. 

 Upon arriving for a hearing in Conway, New Hampshire, after a cross-country flight, Mr. Holman was falsely arrested on bogus charges that he had filed false reports to Chief Pickering regarding sexual abuse. Released from holding, Mr. Holman plead for protection of the children to Judge Albee. Albee scoffed at his request. Flying in again a month later for another hearing Mr. Holman is falsely arrested again, Pickering claiming bail jumping and failure to appear Attorneys involved are Leslie H. Johnson, Jennifer Haskell and Stanley Hawthorne, all participating in the fraud and conspiracy. At this time no N.H. authority is helping Mr. Holman to regain his family’s rights.

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