Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, July 9, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies: The Revolution to be lensed through the Zeiss Tessar T* 45mm f2.8 Pancake!

The State is tuning in as well. As a former Assistant State Attorney I welcome them.

Yah this baby will replace my trusty and cheap Canon 50mm 1.8. My only concern will be whether I can use this baby at night clubs, for that I may have to continue with the 1.8 until I shell out the big bucks for a Zeiss 1.8 or 1.4. Imagine these instant classics below shot through the Zeiss... some of the older ones were actually shot with a Canon SX-20 IS as opposed to the 60D. One day will come that hot rod 5D MK III :) 

For a discussion with a fellow Zeiss man read the comments to this Alec Berlin Arlene's Grocery video. The revolution will be televised, and I mean in short order. Stick around for a few weeks. Loose lips sink ships.

Here are some of the more compelling videos:

KingCast/Mortgage Movies, others address NH  Redress Committee.
Note that someone archived it.  

NH Trustee Larry Sumski NH videos One and Two

The related FOIA mess still ongoing
They owe me documents as a journo free of charge. Sumski never challenges B10 Proofs of Claim because he's too busy getting paid to administer the estates.  
More NH Mayhem and the Veuve Clicquot challenge 
With Attorney Shawn Masterson's hearsay testimony being accepted by NH Hillsborough Superior Judge Diane Nicolosi over Jeanne Ingress' objection caught on audio. 

Sand Canyon busted in NH
This also relates to my FOIA Demand for free press no cost production and to Jeanne Ingress. These are the same issues Homeowner Ingress and I raised 18 months ago were decided in favor of the Druin family in Federal Court by Judge LaPlante but only AFTER Judge Barbadoro ruled against Ms. Ingress. Stare Decisis? Thankfully not in this case, right. Fascinating.
General vids: 
MERS on your mortgage - Powerhour 
With Joynce Riley and Scottie Johnson, Esq.
Notes and money
The brutal truth.
National City Bank forecloses by faking escrow
Seventy year-old homeowner Donna Gaston never missed a payment.
Notary Nikole Shelton Decommissioned after Lamar Gunn complaint
Too bad Mr. Gunn -- a financial planner -- lost his home despite never missing a payment. 

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