Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Applaud Carroll County Sheriff Chris Conley as MD Task Force and NH Public Face Foreclosure Fraud and Worse.

This is going to be a seminal journal entry. I wish the task force that Sheriff Conley is putting together all the best in its endeavors. This is just a placeholder for this evening for folks to ponder. Query, what did Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler have to say?
“This doesn’t give any relief. It’s a drop in the bucket,” said Executive Councilor David Wheeler, of Milford, who has helped Vallier and other town residents file foreclosure complaints with the state Banking Department. “If it were the citizens creating this fraud, they wouldn’t be able to be bought off by this settlement,” Wheeler said. “The state should have held out for something more.”
Now in Maryland a homeowner retention task force and legislature created 14-207.1 as an Emergency measure to address the Fraud that includes people like Attorney Thomas P. Dore. However in Todd Wetzelber's case and in the case of Shepherd v. Burson, 35 A. 3d  48 (Cert granted January 20, 2012). the Circuit Court found ways to deny the Show Cause Hearings that are presumptively valid when a challenge is made regarding title issues. The Court granted Cert for Shepherd, now let's see what happens with Mr. Wetzelberger on a virtually identical issue. By the way he has never been allowed back into Court on record since he got Attorney Dore to admit under Oath that he had no firsthand knowledge of ANYTHING regarding document creation or assignment required to foreclose.  

Believe me, the New York case is directly related to all of this. As a former Assistant Attorney General and Title Insurance Producer, I blanche. And I'm black. I'll be posting the full documents soon, fascinating to see these servicers posing as holders and owners.

Bonus round: Donna Gaston's case is being reinstated. She got the good news not long after I became involved and started reporting the case to folks like Sheriff Tom Dart. You know Ms. Gaston, she is the 70 year-old grandmother who never missed a payment but who lost out after the National City Bank ssued false escrow accounting in post-hoc fashion.... It's all related folks, it is criminal in nature and tantamount to modern-day indentured servitude as best, slavery at worst. In the link, note that Judge Reynard, who allowed this to happen in State Court, is not immune from prosecution for his alleged misconduct as a prosecutor, nice.

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