Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, July 30, 2012

KingCast tells NY journo David Shankbone: Unlike AG or Senator Kelly Ayotte, I actually won First Amendment Trials!

I caught substantial flack last week from certain online journos and bubbleheads after the Politico story (and a better Nashua Telegraph story) about Kelly Ayotte's $120K legal headache.... i.e. my ongoing Free Press lawsuit against her. The deal is, the story failed to mention the fact that I actually have won First Amendment trials whereas Kelly has not. She lost the Planned Parenthood case and the State had to fork over $300K to Planned Parenthood's attorneys, who read this journal almost every day. Kevin Landrigan wrote all about it, now KingCast shows you the money. And the State of NH routing numbers. This is but one reason why Kelly Ayotte threatened to arrest me when I showed up to ask her about it, as seen in the quintessential Kelly Ayotte video, below. It will follow her wherever she goes. Meanwhile I was actually winning my First Amendment trials, some of which are memorialized on VHS, soon to be converted to DVD. Sorry about the quality of the video I re-shot last night off the TV, but I'm never sorry about my First Amendment initiatives and I won't take any shit from anyone for it. 

In fact as you read below the fold see the one-way exchange between NY photo journo David Shankbone and me. He read the Politico Story, jumped to the wrong conclusion and trash-talked. So I gave up an olive branch and invited him for drinks in NYC. He never responded, so to hell with him anyway. And as to the recent money-laundering Libor video and commentary, I won't take any shit on that either because I made it clear that there is a story there regardless of whether or not James Holme's father Robert was going to testify on fallacious and manipulated Libor loan rates. 

Now then on to the knee-jerk reactionary NY journo David Shankbone: He showed up to trash talk me so I'll give my reaction to him, David when you or Scott Wong or Kelly Ayotte actually win a First Amendment trial or two I will be more open to your opinions:

Hello David
Christopher King Jul 27 (3 days ago) to David, Scott, ralph, michael, davecoltin, Lorayne, Donna, Josh, kevin.avard

Hey man I know you are busy, but I reached out to you as a brother. If you took the time to read my Motion for Rule 59e relief and to watch the mortgage movies (including opening day events at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston, where I actually spoke as a former title insurance producer) 

 ....and to review the things in my background of diligent service to the community that have for example resulted in a Mayoral Commendation in New Hampshire, I would hope that you accept my invitation for a drink or a snack in the City at some point. I didn't win First Amendment trials or defeat Kelly Ayotte in both cases she brought against me in NH because I don't know the law. I told Judge McConnell, who graduated from my law school... [snip]
that this case was going to go forward because Case Western didn't graduate any dummies. I am facing a system designed to protect the system, nothing more and nothing less. If not, at least now you recognize that things are far more complex than indicated in the Politico story and I would hope you would consider that if you are moved to comment at any point in the future on any of my cases because no one has EVER said any of my First Amendment cases were "frivolous" as you wrote:

David Shankbone ‏@davidshankbone People like @KingCast give liberals like me a bad name with frivolous lawsuits. He isn't doing our side any favors 

......That is a term of Art that cannot be bandied about at will, and I think if you ask Stephen Price (the black reporter ejected for no reason at yet another John McCain event) he would be more apt to agree with me than you. These are very serious issues and by not even citing the case of NAACP v. Thompson, 648 F. Supp 495 (1986) where black NAACP reporters gained access to private property (i.e. a private home even, as opposed to the Crowne Plaza), the Politico story did not do the Cause of Justice any favors, and I made that clear to Reporter Wong as well and will continue to do so, all the way to SCOTUS.

As I said, I am aware of long hard battles with government, it took four (4) years in Ohio against all odds to have my client found to be a victim of violent crime at the hands of officers Hensley and Roades I believe it was. 

 I bristle at the notion that I am doing anything antithetical to the ends of Justice. And when you read some of the comments in the Politico story you should be much more concerned about what Kelly Ayotte is doing than believing that what I am doing is in any way frivolous. Peace and best regards,

******* Christopher King Jul 27 (3 days ago) to David, Scott, ralph, michael, davecoltin, Lorayne, Donna, Josh, kevin.avard

 I guess I doth expect too much.... Once CNN interviews you and your idol (Mike Royko) calls you on the phone to write up your case it's all downhill from there, right. I mean no offense Scott but you just can't get any better! 

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit

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