Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mortgage Movies: Souders v. Bank of America -- BoA & Michele Sjolander nailed on robo stamping, timely removal and default judgment.

Update: Bank of America (BoA) LOVES KingCast Mortgage Movies!
I wrote their lawyers asking for comment. 
I shall wait with bated breath.

Lorayne Souders v. BoA et al., 2012-CV-01074 removal filed 6 June 2012, last served Defendant in her fraud case: 4 May 2012.... see 28 U.S.C. §1446(b)... thirty (30) days folks... whoopsie-daisy?

Bank of America is facing some serious issues as it attempts to remove Plaintiff Lorayne Souders' Fraud lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Some of these issues include failure to answer her complaint, untimely removal (they filed removal on and robo stamping, which may have been done in post hoc fashion in an attempt to cover their tracks after the note never reached the trust pool.... a REMIC violation of course. A New York Court slammed BoA and the same exact cast of characters for such conduct in Bank of NY v. Alderazi, 929 NYS 2nd. 198 (2011). Will Pennsylvania follow suit with Stare Decisis? Stay tuned. Meanwhile don't forget these links from earlier this week at bottom as the revolution continues in small screens all across America.

Because if something isn't done, otherwise law-abiding citizens might well turn into Al Pacino or Sonny Wartzik for a day. He did it for a sex change operation for his lover, but nowadays folks will be doing it out of desperation to save their home and family... you know, basic Maslow. Now I'm certainly not encouraging any of that because I'm going to stick to my legal Canon, a 60D or 5D MKIII running Zeiss glass soon.... but as a former Assistant Attorney General I am most certainly encouraging swift and vigorous punishment for the banksters, pols, lawyers and judges who perpetuate and/or allow this sort of conduct to continue. Illegal aliens/Undocumented workers? Please. That is all subterfuge. They are not crippling America, white collar people have a patent on that.

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