Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KingCast Kelly Ayotte RNC speech primer: Not ready for prime time.

I forgot to mention it in the movie but idiot girl Kelly Ayotte actually signed onto an initiative not to recognize same sex unions in NH.... unfortunately for her she didn't realize that NH already recognized same sex unions from other states HAHAHAHAA..... what a hater!

By happenstance I ran into a lobbyist in a Boston suburb yesterday. Said lobbyist -- who shall remain nameless -- is heading to the DNC and is waiting for this movie and I look forward to sending it that's for certain. Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney are two United States politicians with horrible track records when it comes to open government, First Amendment and Civil Rights.... but they certainly love the banksters. This is my thumbnail reference movie for Kelly Ayotte, the distaff side of this dynamic duo who presided over the largest consumer fraud in New Hampshire history, the FRM Ponzi scam. And yes there is more. Much more. Get your popcorn ready.

From a Nashua, NH Town Hall meeting last fall: Kelly wants less regulation for big business but more oversight on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now that is fascinating considering the fact that she still hasn't addressed her failure to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage when I worked for a big company, all of which occurred while the FRM Ponzi mortgage consumer scam was brewing. Ayotte was found to be "faulty" on that, I have the whole file sitting on my desk waiting for this occasion. You'll see it in the movie. That little old lady near the front row gets it, why can't Kelly? You better click on that thumbnail to read her letter, I got it on video at 1080p 24fps.

Background video: Kelly Ayotte Town Hall #1 - -"She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit." Background link: No prosecutions for big business on CDO/mortgage fraud or robo-signatures, also see my visits to Senator Ayotte's Washington, DC and Nashua Offices on the forgery matter. Each time I received a promise to investigate, just as I did tonight, only tonight was more exasperated because I went straight to the source.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

KingCast tells reporter Annmarie Timmins to get her facts straight on NH SenJosh Youssef, she dropped the ball in the Franconit her facts straight on NH Senate candidate Josh Youseff, she dropped the ball in the Franconia shootings as well and she is married to the mob.

KingCast: Keeping it Real since 1988. Here is "reporter" Annmarie Timmins' hatchet job on Mr. Youssef, who is a strident force for Justice in New Hampshire. I notice the story is entitled 

"State Senate candidate said to owe taxes, child support...Youssef asked reps to impeach judges."

Implicit in the story is an assertion that Mr. Youssef is doing something wrong, but in point of fact he and many others did ask representatives of the Redress and Grievances Committee to impeach judges, and many of them voted to do just that. I say that Ms. Timmins, who is said to be married to a NH Assistant Attorney General, is a bought-and-sold pawn of the establishment, the very same establishment that harms children and ignores the law, including Ayotte successor Mike Delaney. Annemarie Timmons falsely underreported the number and type of complaints against former NH AG Kelly Ayotte's faux hero Norman Bruce McKay relative to the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney and multiple felon Greg Floyd. Kelly Ayotte also hid Floyd's criminal past from the public in giving him a pass for murder  of Liko Kenney and criminal threats against Caleb Macaulay. Fortunately the citizens of North Country were savvy enough to come together to twice prevent a road being named in his honor. 

The House voted 19-0 to table that nonsense, just the facts, ma'am. Bruce McKay's ex-wife, while married, is said to have moved to a safe house and definitely filed a TRO on him around about the time she gave birth to their only child. As a former Assistant Attorney General and major press reporter myself, I condemn this yellow journalism masquerading as fact. 
Meanwhile Senator Kelly Ayotte and current NH AG Mike Delaney protect Wendy L. Smith, the mother of Michael Holman's children, despite a rap sheet longer than Kelly Ayotte's Pinocchio nose as seen above: The Truth hurts doesn't it Annmarie? But it hurts us as adults much less than it hurts children, not that you really care.

Mr. Youssef responds: 

Dear Youssef for Senate Supporter, The Concord Monitor has succeeded in introducing an entirely new “shade of yellow” to their “journalism.” To say the article is a gross distortion of the truth is a kindness to its “journalist,” Annmarie Timmins, who relied upon untruths provided by my ex-wife’s divorce lawyer Ed Mosca. 

Note that this hit-piece does not even tackle a single policy issue confronting our state, but rather seeks to berate me on a personal level.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

KingCast says Michael Holman's lawsuit will shame Defendants Ayotte and Pickering with the hard core truth of Wendy L. Smith's wreckless parenting and criminal record.

I have a new movie on this coming later today but for now watch the DCF House Redress & Grievances movie from several months ago when they were rightly blasting Kelly Ayotte successor (a liberal interpretation of his legal prowess) Michael Delaney for ignoring the malfeasance going on with NH Courts and DCF. Behold the email I just wrote to Nashua Telegraph's Joseph Cote and several other key NH lawmakers, politicos and civilians past and present, regarding this journal entry about Madison PD Chief John Pickering, and this one about Michael Holman's lawsuit in the works. In comparison to your story Mr. Cote, when Michael Holman raised valid concerns of sexual abuse involving the white mother of his children Pickering had him arrested on bogus charges while protecting a piece of shit mother and an actual criminal like this one, fancy that huh? Yessir, his children were safe with him in Washington State and he was building yachts only to find that NH LE authorized an 8 squad car gunpoint raid to return his children to a home of moral turpitude and danger. One of his children ended up in a coma after the mother didn't provide a bicycle helmet, perhaps the helmet cost as much as her next rock, I dunno. As a former assistant state attorney I resolutely states that these people are basically criminals with badges, endangering children of New Hampshire at will. Who needs child snatching for MK Ultra when you have NH DCF, right.

When I get done with this video today, including your article I'm going to light someone's behind on fire. Michael Holman was FINALLY able to obtain at least a partial list of Wendy L. Smith's criminal record. Look at it. Would you want YOUR children living with her? I can't wait until his lawyers finish the lawsuit I will follow every painful step of it, and guess who is largely responsible and the lead defendant? New Hampshire's junior Senator, Kelly Ayotte..... you know, the one who is facing an appeal for "throwing my nigger ass out" of her events (as her Niggermania supporters said verbatim). 

Well "niggers" or not, people like Michael Holman, Ralph Holder, Joshua Youseff, Dave Coltin, Dot Knightley and more are going to have a little Nat Turner rebellion up in here, only when it's all over we are the ones who are going to be left standing. North Country Pols like Greg Sorg and Edmond Gionet know I keep it real, here is Gionet's 2008 email to me regarding the Kelly Ayotte coverup of the North Country double homicide involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and multiple felon Greg Floyd, whose criminal background Kelly Ayotte hid from America. See a pattern anyone? Time to check up on Gionet v. McLeod when I head up to North Country soon. 

 Keep watching my friend because I will broadcast the Revolution, dammit. I've been doing so for several years now, and that my friend is precisely why Kelly Ayotte and John McCain throw me out of campaign events. Well actually McCain also threw Stephen Price -- another black reporter -- out of an event for no reason but I dunno Judge Landya B McCafferty (who used to work for Kelly's firm and my opposing counsel) said there was no way that a Jury could find that to be racial, even after discovery was completed. Then Judge John J. McConnell protected that ruling even though I forced McCafferty to rightfully recuse herself because a Court will almost never make another Court look bad. All of this was complete bullshit because the Truth is going to come out about Kelly Ayotte's lawless little regime. 

Remember the unauthorized DNA testing of youth that just about only I wrote about? NOTICE OF DNA TESTING REQUIREMENTS 
DJJS FS Form 004 

It's all pattern and practice for her.... while pointing a finger at me. The people of New Hampshire should be pointing a certain finger at her. With that I'm back to work. 

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Newsflash: Paul Ryan is even more of a First Amendment hater than would-be Mitt Romney running mate Kelly Ayotte!

True enough I didn't speak out of turn but the also true enough there was no need to body slam this 71 year-old man and Paul Ryan is a complete piece of shit for making a blood pressure joke afterward. Just a complete piece of shit. Speaking of shit, I wonder if he got any on him when he was all pressed up behind Mitt the other day. 

Yep.... If you dare to complain or question Republicans they throw you out, Kelly Ayotte did it to me and I sued her and we going to Court of Appeals now after the Court helped her hide the truth as clearly noted in my Rule 59E Motion. KingCast v. Ayotte, 2010-CV-501. But what do I know about the First Amendment, I've only won a few First Amendment trials....

KingCast Facebook musings on Petrol and BFFs Romney & Ryan, "Just a tad more lube and a little to the left Paul...."

Notice how you don't see headline stories regarding the soaring gas prices even though it is the biggest leap of the year? Interesting, isn't it. The San Jose Mercury News mentioned it and there are 612 stories on a news search for "gas prices" but it's certainly not played up... strange, huh. And speaking of strange, it looks like Paul Ryan is trying to get him some.... or would that be in the temple of his familiar? Perhaps he is digging for more crude up in that well.... Whatever the case, support your running mate with PRIDE, Paul LOL.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

KingCast congratulates Michael Holman for his quest for Justice and draft lawsuit against Senator Kelly Ayotte and others for stealing his children and giving them to an active drug addict mother.

Note: Michael Holman will take a polygraph on all of this. Will Wendy Smith and her sister? What about Kelly Ayotte? I will video any and all polygraphs. Here is your back story involving Madison, NH Police Chief John Pickering, Kelly Ayotte as then NH AG and many others. The front story is still developing as I sit, wait and watch. All I have at this point is the cover page showing Defendants Pickering, Ayotte, and several others including some of Mr. Holman's former attorneys, one of whom (Jennifer Haskell) he claims told him flat out that her career had been threatened because of her representation. According to Mr. Holman she then helped to fabricate and issue a false Affidavit against him that helped putative Defendant Pickering arrest him on several bogus charges immediately after he protested the taking of his children from his tranquil, beautiful and well-appointed Washington State home. Funny thing I just noticed is Mr. Holman's attorney or paralegal typed two Magistrate lines, perhaps that was a Freudian slip after I told them about Kelly's pal, Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty whom I forced this 28 U.S.C. §455 Recusal on in my pending Free Press/Racial Discrimination case against Ayotte.

After the children were returned to Wendy L. Smith one of them suffered a concussion and coma from riding a bicycle without a helmet, and he claims his children told him of sexual abuse that was ignored, and there was a drug raid and car crash that was withheld from him as well. He did know about Ms. Smith's other children's criminal convictions, including a son who is doing hard time right now for aggravated assault. His attempts to bring any of this to light are continually thwarted in Meriden because Ms. Smith's sister worked for Meriden Judicial entities. More on this soon. Your tax dollars and DCF hard at work. 

Dishonorable mentions: Dot Knightley's case as noted in the probable cause determination by the NH House Redress and Grievances Committee, and the failed attempt by Kelly Ayotte, Stephen Monier and other NH LE to strip Ralph Holder of his Security Clearance and dignity, the same way they tried and failed to "go after" me as NAACP Legal Chair. To hell with them, straight away. With baggage like this Kelly Ayotte shouldn't be a U.S. Senator, much less a Romney VP or anything else. 

(Somewhat) tangential Analysis: As for Paul Ryan he is a complete stunt man designed to see how far the Country can be pushed to the Right, while Obama continues to curtail Civil Liberties. Patriot Act, HR 347, anyone? BTW The ACLU glosses over the standard of proof issue that has been substantially relaxed but Slate gets it right. FWIW I find the ACLU to be a real paper tiger in Boston for the most part, they helped out by and through Proskauer Rose with Derrick Gillenwater's case (see para 4) when I was Boston Bob but definitely distanced themselves from me just as they did with respect to the issue of cameras in the Courthouse and the new SJC Rule 1:19. The Court clerk in the video below clearly had no clue about what the law is but I schooled him with the quickness. Anyway, the Rule was supposed to take effect 1 July 2012 but is apparently being phased in until 17 September, 2012.... it is completely cattewhompas

Monday, August 6, 2012

KingCast and Michael Holman query, "Is Madison Police Chief John Pickering a descendant of impeached NH Federal Judge John Pickering?"

Inquiring minds want to know, because Mr. Holman and I see certain personality traits in both men, to wit: 
"John Pickering of New Hampshire served nine years on the federal bench before being removed in 1804. Pickering had not been convicted of any crime; his impeachment stemmed from accusations of smuggling, political favoritism, greed, drunkenness and insanity."
Stick around Mr. Pickering, Mr. Holman has counsel and they will be having a Word with you concerning your past and continued efforts to steal Mr. Holman's children from him..... and give them to the crack and heroin-addicted mother who has repeatedly endangered them, resulting in a coma and drug busts at the house. And as you know from the video State Rep Kevin Avard is curious. Yes, many words will be had, and I will be right there with KingCast cameras to document it. As a former Law Enforcement attorney I respect law and order, but I will give no quarter to corruption and cronyism. Just ask these idiots down in Lowell who are also giving a black man a hard time with his concerns over some abuse his children are potentially sustaining. Like you, they tried to turn it around on the father but I wouldn't let that happen because of the lessons I have learned from watching you violate Mr. Holman's Civil Rights. Retired LE Officer Ralph Holder and many others suffer similar fates. I love the way the NH AG's office, under Kelly Ayotte, replied to a FOIA/RSA 91-A request with just a cover page to a 9 page fax, and nothing else, after years of events.... but more importantly after she first identified 57 pages as seen in the thumbnail letter to Mr. Holman...err, Plaintiff Holman to you......You guys are basically criminals with badges and you don't fool me for one minute. Once again I am completely skeeved out by NH State behavior.