Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, August 11, 2012

KingCast congratulates Michael Holman for his quest for Justice and draft lawsuit against Senator Kelly Ayotte and others for stealing his children and giving them to an active drug addict mother.

Note: Michael Holman will take a polygraph on all of this. Will Wendy Smith and her sister? What about Kelly Ayotte? I will video any and all polygraphs. Here is your back story involving Madison, NH Police Chief John Pickering, Kelly Ayotte as then NH AG and many others. The front story is still developing as I sit, wait and watch. All I have at this point is the cover page showing Defendants Pickering, Ayotte, and several others including some of Mr. Holman's former attorneys, one of whom (Jennifer Haskell) he claims told him flat out that her career had been threatened because of her representation. According to Mr. Holman she then helped to fabricate and issue a false Affidavit against him that helped putative Defendant Pickering arrest him on several bogus charges immediately after he protested the taking of his children from his tranquil, beautiful and well-appointed Washington State home. Funny thing I just noticed is Mr. Holman's attorney or paralegal typed two Magistrate lines, perhaps that was a Freudian slip after I told them about Kelly's pal, Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty whom I forced this 28 U.S.C. §455 Recusal on in my pending Free Press/Racial Discrimination case against Ayotte.

After the children were returned to Wendy L. Smith one of them suffered a concussion and coma from riding a bicycle without a helmet, and he claims his children told him of sexual abuse that was ignored, and there was a drug raid and car crash that was withheld from him as well. He did know about Ms. Smith's other children's criminal convictions, including a son who is doing hard time right now for aggravated assault. His attempts to bring any of this to light are continually thwarted in Meriden because Ms. Smith's sister worked for Meriden Judicial entities. More on this soon. Your tax dollars and DCF hard at work. 

Dishonorable mentions: Dot Knightley's case as noted in the probable cause determination by the NH House Redress and Grievances Committee, and the failed attempt by Kelly Ayotte, Stephen Monier and other NH LE to strip Ralph Holder of his Security Clearance and dignity, the same way they tried and failed to "go after" me as NAACP Legal Chair. To hell with them, straight away. With baggage like this Kelly Ayotte shouldn't be a U.S. Senator, much less a Romney VP or anything else. 

(Somewhat) tangential Analysis: As for Paul Ryan he is a complete stunt man designed to see how far the Country can be pushed to the Right, while Obama continues to curtail Civil Liberties. Patriot Act, HR 347, anyone? BTW The ACLU glosses over the standard of proof issue that has been substantially relaxed but Slate gets it right. FWIW I find the ACLU to be a real paper tiger in Boston for the most part, they helped out by and through Proskauer Rose with Derrick Gillenwater's case (see para 4) when I was Boston Bob but definitely distanced themselves from me just as they did with respect to the issue of cameras in the Courthouse and the new SJC Rule 1:19. The Court clerk in the video below clearly had no clue about what the law is but I schooled him with the quickness. Anyway, the Rule was supposed to take effect 1 July 2012 but is apparently being phased in until 17 September, 2012.... it is completely cattewhompas

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