Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

KingCast Kelly Ayotte RNC speech primer: Not ready for prime time.

I forgot to mention it in the movie but idiot girl Kelly Ayotte actually signed onto an initiative not to recognize same sex unions in NH.... unfortunately for her she didn't realize that NH already recognized same sex unions from other states HAHAHAHAA..... what a hater!

By happenstance I ran into a lobbyist in a Boston suburb yesterday. Said lobbyist -- who shall remain nameless -- is heading to the DNC and is waiting for this movie and I look forward to sending it that's for certain. Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney are two United States politicians with horrible track records when it comes to open government, First Amendment and Civil Rights.... but they certainly love the banksters. This is my thumbnail reference movie for Kelly Ayotte, the distaff side of this dynamic duo who presided over the largest consumer fraud in New Hampshire history, the FRM Ponzi scam. And yes there is more. Much more. Get your popcorn ready.

From a Nashua, NH Town Hall meeting last fall: Kelly wants less regulation for big business but more oversight on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now that is fascinating considering the fact that she still hasn't addressed her failure to investigate the forgery of my name to a mortgage when I worked for a big company, all of which occurred while the FRM Ponzi mortgage consumer scam was brewing. Ayotte was found to be "faulty" on that, I have the whole file sitting on my desk waiting for this occasion. You'll see it in the movie. That little old lady near the front row gets it, why can't Kelly? You better click on that thumbnail to read her letter, I got it on video at 1080p 24fps.

Background video: Kelly Ayotte Town Hall #1 - -"She's pleasant and sweet and full of shit." Background link: No prosecutions for big business on CDO/mortgage fraud or robo-signatures, also see my visits to Senator Ayotte's Washington, DC and Nashua Offices on the forgery matter. Each time I received a promise to investigate, just as I did tonight, only tonight was more exasperated because I went straight to the source.

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    Great reporting Kingcast65. Romney and Ayotte are both rotten to the core. They couldn't care less about the average American. It's all about taking care of their buddies and fellow flunkies. I contacted Sen. Ayotte regarding vetting Obama and persuing fraud and impeachment against him. Big surprise, no response. I also contacted Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Guinta, and Charlie Bass. Not one of these cowards will do anything in regards to these concerns. I will keep this in mind come re-election time.
    MsTruthrules 5 hours ago

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    Mutabaruka -- The system is a fraud.
    BTW I contacted Barack about vetting Kelly, no response.
    Yah, most def share this video with your people. Are you in NH let's get up sometime I'm no longer there but just down the road in Boston.
    KingCast65 in reply to MsTruthrules 21 minutes ago