Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, August 23, 2012

KingCast tells reporter Annmarie Timmins to get her facts straight on NH SenJosh Youssef, she dropped the ball in the Franconit her facts straight on NH Senate candidate Josh Youseff, she dropped the ball in the Franconia shootings as well and she is married to the mob.

KingCast: Keeping it Real since 1988. Here is "reporter" Annmarie Timmins' hatchet job on Mr. Youssef, who is a strident force for Justice in New Hampshire. I notice the story is entitled 

"State Senate candidate said to owe taxes, child support...Youssef asked reps to impeach judges."

Implicit in the story is an assertion that Mr. Youssef is doing something wrong, but in point of fact he and many others did ask representatives of the Redress and Grievances Committee to impeach judges, and many of them voted to do just that. I say that Ms. Timmins, who is said to be married to a NH Assistant Attorney General, is a bought-and-sold pawn of the establishment, the very same establishment that harms children and ignores the law, including Ayotte successor Mike Delaney. Annemarie Timmons falsely underreported the number and type of complaints against former NH AG Kelly Ayotte's faux hero Norman Bruce McKay relative to the Franconia shooting tragedy involving Liko Kenney and multiple felon Greg Floyd. Kelly Ayotte also hid Floyd's criminal past from the public in giving him a pass for murder  of Liko Kenney and criminal threats against Caleb Macaulay. Fortunately the citizens of North Country were savvy enough to come together to twice prevent a road being named in his honor. 

The House voted 19-0 to table that nonsense, just the facts, ma'am. Bruce McKay's ex-wife, while married, is said to have moved to a safe house and definitely filed a TRO on him around about the time she gave birth to their only child. As a former Assistant Attorney General and major press reporter myself, I condemn this yellow journalism masquerading as fact. 
Meanwhile Senator Kelly Ayotte and current NH AG Mike Delaney protect Wendy L. Smith, the mother of Michael Holman's children, despite a rap sheet longer than Kelly Ayotte's Pinocchio nose as seen above: The Truth hurts doesn't it Annmarie? But it hurts us as adults much less than it hurts children, not that you really care.

Mr. Youssef responds: 

Dear Youssef for Senate Supporter, The Concord Monitor has succeeded in introducing an entirely new “shade of yellow” to their “journalism.” To say the article is a gross distortion of the truth is a kindness to its “journalist,” Annmarie Timmins, who relied upon untruths provided by my ex-wife’s divorce lawyer Ed Mosca. 

Note that this hit-piece does not even tackle a single policy issue confronting our state, but rather seeks to berate me on a personal level.
The Divorce Matter Unfortunately, like many people, I went through a very contentious divorce. Though I have repeatedly offered to settle out of court, to protect my son and give all of us closure, my ex-wife and her divorce lawyer Ed Mosca, have been unable to “break their addiction” to litigation. 

In fact, Judge Carroll wrote: “The extended litigation has created a level of animosity between the parties which is of great concern to the court.” 

Again, this misinformation was provided courtesy of my ex-wife’s divorce attorney, Ed Mosca – that should tell us all the motivation behind the article! Mosca’s complete lack of professionalism also caused Judge Carroll to write in a July 14th order, “The court is struck by the editorializing of [Ed Mosca's] pleadings as being destructive to the process of mediation.” This is not the first, or even the second time Mosca was reprimanded by the court in this case for his unprofessional behavior. 

To Set The Record Straight 

1) I have never, ever, missed a single child support payment. I pay in child support nearly double what Timmins “reported,” and also provide for my son well above that when he is with me. 

 2) As for all tax matters, I can assure you that my taxes are filed every three months (quarterly) like every other business owner, and the IRS has no issue with me. 

3) My ex-wife and the court are solely responsible for choosing to utilize the healthy kids’ insurance program for my son. I was excluded from any decision making concerning this and other matters regarding my very own son. 

This type of scurrilous distortion of personal matters is the main reason many good men and women shy away from running for public office – however – I will not be scared off by their partisan attacks. District 7 needs a tenacious, unyielding conservative advocate in the Senate, and I will continue to prove to you that I am exactly the man for the job! Thank you for your continued support, Josh Youssef 

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