Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, September 1, 2012

KingCast says the full moon on the vineyard has Court officials looking strange and acting funny as they join Lowell, MA police in child abuse/custody coverup, using SJC 1:19 as subterfuge.

Yesterday I posted a new video showing Martha's Vineyard-Edgartown District Court personnel violate SJC 1:19 as they continually failed to produce an audio transcript to a father who is proving that his wife issued material lies about him sexually abusing his children and striking her. I sent notice of this video to Candidate Campatelli, who has offered to befriend my friend Clifford Pisano, but who has in reality done nothing for him; I just checked in with him.
Note the FB reaction from Patty Campatelli, who is running for a Court position in Suffolk County and Probate Court:
She told me to fuck off -- but just last week she liked me posting about corruption and petrol prices. The pictures don't lie folks, but apparently she will once she is in office if she supports this kind of hostility toward the press.  She also faux befriended Clifford Pisano, asked him a bunch a questions and did nothing for him. Apparently this is how Massachusetts Court officials operate, corruption and hostility to the free press rule the day. Patently pathetic. 

But is it true or has she been hacked? The image here was provided to me by BostonCab, clearly it doesn't read as if Candidate Campatelli authored it but even if she didn't Lucy she has some 'splainin to do.....Whoa. I am hereby asking her to formally explain all of this. Check here for more info by BostonCab.

This movie and journal entry does not have anything to do with Kelly Ayotte per se but it does show the sort of family court issues that she and her lackeys foment in NH as noted hereinbelow. Instead what it shows is that I don't suffer fools gladly and that I know exactly what the hell I am talking about when it comes to the First Amendment because if I was wrong they would have arrested me on the spot. They knew better but thought they could intimidate me. To hell with that noise.

Look at the hate in his eyes, refusing to give me his name.
And he was wrong on the Law to boot.
Corruption runs deep in Massachusetts
What a jackass.
Here is Journal entry and Movie #1, and Journal entry and movie #2 in the series showing the Lowell, MA police department arbitrarily and capriciously denying Mr. Coleman the right to file a complaint about his wife's friend improperly touching their children. The Assistant DA calls on the phone and does nothing and knows nothing. The green-card wife clearly lied repeatedly on issues of whether she filed bogus complaints of sexual abuse, or whether Mr. Coleman struck her as you listen to her courtroom testimony. And for the coup de gras, yesterday after an entire summer of requests and two visits with Yours Truly, they finally gave him a restraining order audio in his favor where he put forth several salient points against her, but even then it is nonfunctional because it cuts out during his portion and cuts to another case. 

Not to mention the redneck who tries to give me the bum's rush "why don't you just leave, you are not registered under SJC 119," he says.

"Because I don't have to," I said. "The new SJC 119 hasn't even taken effect yet." What a jackass this guy is. By the way I pre-registered about a year ago and notified the SJC in person that I would be registering when it became possible. They were supposed to notify me when it was possible, but did not. At any rate I confirmed with them yesterday that the rule has not yet taken effect anyway so once again I was right, as you will see as I shamed a Suffolk County clerk in Movie #2 link supra. Here is a March, 2012 journal entry about it and here is the friggin' Rule read it for yourself, implementation was delayed. 

It is a Good Thing I know what the hell I am doing, having won First Amendment criminal trials (also seen in Movie #2) because the ACLU runs away from this specific issue like the plauge, and there are a bunch of haters out here who love to try to talk trash and to circumscribe my First Amendment Rights as a reporter to gather and to disseminate news. I am not having any parts of that nonsense however, as I resolutely tell this jackass. I call him jackass because he would not give me his name. I know his name though, but if it is not important enough for him to give it to me then I will call him jackass, fair enough. Movie #3 should be playing at a desktop near you by high noon today.

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