Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KingCast Double Header: Massive Providence Car Crash; Nashua Police Accreditation Hearing Provides a Chance to Expose Nashua PD Contempt for the First Amendment and Physical Abuse.

UPDATE: Sunlight Foundation is running a story on Kelly Ayotte's well-heeled defense fund relative to my lawsuit. Unlike the Politico story by Scott Wong, look for this piece to actually explain a few things from my point of view, with the focus on Kelly Ayotte being a First Amendment hater.

I believe reporter Kathryn Lucero understood what I meant by Ayotte's crew going after me as NAACP Legal Chair a few years ago as being an abusive tool of oppression and a complete stunt because after I sat through voir dire the State mol-prossed the charges. They knew if they tried me they would lose then I could sue the living snot out of them.

Also, I am fighting against a lot of very powerful and wel-heeled Republicans because the Fund has well over $100K in it, and perhaps more than $120K so Kelly can't cry poor-pockets over this because someone else is subsidizing her defense. The $2K or so I have spent on copies and filing came out of my own goddamn pocket, you best believe that. I put my money where my mouth is.

Nashua Police beat and maced Pam Reynolds. They beat and maced Mike Gannon. They arrested and torqued on Dave Ridley and they harrassed me under threat of arrest.... all in a First Amendment context. It is unfortunate that they are not alone: On the way home I ran into a Providence area cop who was a complete jerk as well, shining his Maglite in my face and threatening to arrest me as I attempted to gather footage and stills of a rather large crash in I-95 last night. 
"Move your car or I'll arrest you," he bellowed angrily.

Really Officer? You can see I got a couple grand worth of camera in my hands and my car is OFF THE ROAD.... next time how about "Are you media?  Well be careful and do not step on the roadway or I'll have to arrest you."

But some cops just don't get it and you pick your battles wisely. With the Nashua PD I sued them and reported their conduct relative to the Kelly Ayotte campaign events to the accreditation panel. With the RI cop I simply drove up the highway and back down on the other side where he didn't notice me. Whatever the case you gotta' do what you gotta' do to get the video, the still or the interview.

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