Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Whistleblower Jose Portillo expose the 8,000 fraudulent Shapiro & Burson signatures that must result in substantial Baltimore Circuit Court sanctions.

I am honored that Jose Portillo made Mortgage Movies the first media recipient of this information heretofore shared only with Maryland disciplinary counsel. I am working out a way to inform those who may be affected without overburdening myself with 8,000 emails. Stay tuned.

Tonight's Shapiro & Burson Movie.

This week's Speak Up! show with Kevin Avard.

Thomas P. Dore primer movie.

Movie coming late night tonight, more links tomorrow. Start here with the Freddie Mac debacle and wait for the E & O lawsuit (don't worry I won't charge you for it I'll just post it to Scribd) against Burson by its own insurance carrier that settled out of court after Mr. Portillo was ready to provide a Deposition. What will the Baltimore Circuit Court do with all of this because frankly, it makes the Thomas P. Dore sanctions look like small potatoes. 

Forthcoming links:

8,000 fraudulent signatures.
Wesport E&O lawsuit
Burson Disciplinary Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law
....and more!

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  1. Savage was adamant that the deeds were all in his name. He insisted that we put his name on all of the deeds conveying title from homeowner back to the banks (as clients for Shapiro & Burson).

    Even though he insisted that we put his name on these deeds, and knowing that he did not have the time to review any of it for validity, much less time to sign he insisted his name be on every deed and every affidavit.

    As a result I have 8,000 documents.... and I am sure that many of these properties have indeed changed hands.

    The Maryland grievance commission reprimanded this attorney.... what does that say for the chain of title. Is it a valid transaction at this point.

    Does it mean that there is a defect?

    "Or cloud..... it is a big f____ deal and they can't say it isn't" (from me).

    So they reprimanded him but what about the title?

    Westport E & O audited, they lied and WP sued and asked for my Depo.

    Settled out of court.

    "Westport attorneys contacted me and asked if I wanted to take part in Deposition, and I said "Sure" and they settled once S & B knew I was going to testify."

    Then Freddie Mac contacted me.....