Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nashua PD, Ayotte, GOP try for sanctions in KingCast Ayotte Appeal to cover their own dirt in First Circuit Case No. 12-1891

Nashua PD, Ayotte, GOP try for sanctions in KingCast Ayotte Appeal to cover their own dirt 12-1891 by

11:01 PM (4 hours ago) to Brian, Andrew.Paparel., Andrew, EmilyHeil, Stephen, dalas, michael.downing, jgoley03104, mmiliard, dshalhoup, hramer, ndoyle, cdurocher, fbw70, sam, jack.middleton, jingress, fasterthinking, dotknightly, davidshankbone, mvolpe998, beethree, seth 

Same day service. 
Have a nice day and remember: Regardless of what happens in this Court, the dirt you sling will continue to come back to bite you. When you live an honest life, with honest clients, you have no fear. The Court would not let me file a reply this evening, so that will happen tomorrow my friend. Here's an excerpt: 

"In any event, Plaintiff-Appellant was compelled to bring this attention to the Court and the related filing was sealed. And that’s still not yet all: Despite counsel’s implications that Plaintiff-Appellant does not know how to comport himself before this Court, in recent history, counsel for Nashua Defendants and/or his client were found in contempt of Court because they don’t want bad information to come out. This happened in case no 1:05-CV-00365, infra." 


First of all, there is no citation to case law whatsoever in Appellee’s Motion. That’s because it is ridiculous to start with. The Brief does NOT exceed the word limitation, and that is all that matters. In point of fact, the Corrected Brief actually contains the word count from the first Brief, which is too high. Either way, Counsel for Defendant should pay closer attention to the rules before complaining.......

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