Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, February 16, 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Laugh as Senator Kelly Ayotte's New Hampshire Has Highest Per Capita Complaints to the CFPB.

Now as you review this keep in mind that there is a mainstream journo out there named David Shankbone who actually went so far as to call me a "fruitcake" who writes about issues no one cares about, relative to one Kelly Ayotte. Just goes to show you that just because someone is a big name journo that doesn't mean that they know what the hell they are talking about. That is the sorry state of "professional" journalism these days. As you'll see at bottom, former NH Executive Counselor David Wheeler agrees with me, not Shankbone.

Three years (or more) ago I told you Kelly Ayotte was a sham Senator and a sham Attorney General before that as I alleged that she would "gut the CFPB" while one of her constituents in the top movie flat out said she was "full of shit." Regard the 2011 journal entry in which some of these concerns were addressed, along with the fact that Senator Pat Leahy from neighboring Vermon had introduced S1054 (Fighting Fraud in Bankruptcy Act) to make U.S. Trustees accountable when it comes to fraudulent B10 Proof of Claims in Bankruptcy Courts. It apparently died on the vine surprise surprise but this is important because NH BK trustee hates me for exposing the fact that he covers up for David Stern's pals at Harmon Law Offices and never contests such claims and refused to provide me free FOIA information as he should have given my journalist exemption. 

Well flash forward to fall, 2013 as we see that New Hampshire has the highest per capita amount of complaints to the CFPB, which is staffed by my erstwhile co-counsel from the Ohio Attorney General's Office, Kent Markus and Richard Cordray as noted.  This should not come as alarming to anyone because as noted in the second video, she was NH AG too busy trying (and failing) to prosecute me as NAACP Legal Chair for fighting racism to keep up with the FRM Ponzi scam -- the biggest consumer fraud in New Hampshire history. Look at the thumbnail at left describing her phony mortgage fraud crackdown. From my pals at Wikipedia:
California leads all states by volume of complaints with 14768. It is followed by Florida, New York, Georgia and Texas. When complaints are divided by a state's total population, New Hampshire leads. The state is followed by Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia and Florida. Complaints do not correlate with national rankings for August's foreclosure rate by state where Nevada topped the list, followed by Florida, Ohio, Maryland and Delaware. 
I find it humorous that Shankbone works for Wiki, gathering the data that I use to show what a complete tool he really is, LOL.  Be that as it may, Kelly Ayotte is a complete sham in so many ways it is difficult to imagine: She also accepted $10K from the fraudulent Taxmaster's company that the Texas AG successfully prosecuted for millions, and never returned the money even though she said she would. Lastly, take time to watch the movie at bottom in which former NH Executive Counselor David Wheeler noted Kelly Ayotte's ongoing intransigence in the face of consumer concerns: She never returned his phone calls for a meeting, nice.

These are just some of the criminal financial elements for you to consider, yet there are plenty of other criminal matters to consider as well but that's another story; RIP Liko Kenney.

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  1. NH leads the pack in per capita complaints to the CFPB.
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    Fascinating, isn't it.

    Not really.... at least not to me because I always knew Kelly Ayotte was a piece of shit, politically and legally. Whether or not she's a good mother or wife I don't know and don't give a rat's ass.

    But yeah, now years after her failed run at me as NAACP legal chair we see who the real criminals really are. And regardless of what any of you think about me, it is the taxpayers of New Hampshire who suffer. I'll be sure to hoist a beer with some of them every time I stop back to the East Coast for fun.